if you are a content stealer

Fuck you. I hope you get diarrea, the very slurry and painful ones, just like what yourself are.
I hope that you fucking die. Not just you, all your family members and friends, assuming you have any.
I ask that you remove my content not only because you are monetising content that arent yours, but the act of simply putting my project on your site is an abosolute fucking disgrace to it.
I also notice that your site features a Spanish version. I also ask that you remove that website because your existence simply is racist and offensive to our dear Spanish friends.
You are nothing but a fucking asshole. Other people spend time making contents and you snatch them as if you fucking made it, but in fact you are just sitting on your fucking ass wanking to child porn while downloading and uploading stolen content. What would the porn actors think? Think about how they would be disgusted if they know their work have been viewed by such a horrendous creature. Not even the pedophiles would condone what you have been doing. Now that I mention it, dont fucking steal porn and put it on one of your another shitty website.
I assume the photo of you that you have placed on your site was stolen, like any of your contents, as the person is too nice to look like what an asswipe you are.
While we are at it, impersonation and stealing content is illegal anywhere, even in Russia.

Fuck you.

If you are a google adsense revi ewewr

go to
This is the content or whatever you wanted, and ads ONLY appear there
also fix ur tools, it took me 5 tries over 2 days to make it work
PS: the site(subdomain) language is english in case you cannot tell and which you couldnt
Update: im banned

If you play minecraft bedrock:

check out my mcpedl page where i make fun stuff but mostly unfun

If you make minecraft bedrock things

yo check out this editor real good mc addon making thing

If you play minecraft java:

dont play bedrock

If you have discord and you want a useless server in your list: